Prowein 2015 – People and Wines

Prowein 2015 – People and Wines


My Prowein’s focus 2015 was Australia. I have not been able to taste all wines from all wineries, but I took the time to taste as many as I could.
Most Europeans, Germans are no exception, think Shiraz if you mention Australian wines. But Australia is a vast continent with crisp Riesling [1] from cool Tasmania island, with noble sweet Semillon from hot Riverina region, and nearly any other grape variety you can think of.
Since more than 200 years people from Europe migrate to Australia, coming not only from Great Britain and Irland, but also from Italy, Germany, Greece, Croatia, you name it. And they brought their grapes, from Sangiovese to Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), from Traminer to Sauvignon Blanc.
Today it’s still the same passion for wine which enlightens the faces of Australian vintners and winemakers with smiles, the same passion which caused their ancestors to plant vines. Just have a look!

[1] There is also a chapter about Australian wines, especially about Riesling, in my 2012 Prowein article (in German). And there is another about an Australian Shiraz (in German).

Bordeaux, Champagne, Chinon

Germany and Switzerland



Text and Photos: Joachim A. J. Kaiser